How to Raise Happy Successful Children

To all the 10X dads and moms out there reading this, I salute you for making the time, setting your priorities and creating the example of success for those around you.

But the fact is, many things in the world make raising kids difficult today. Marriage problems, financial stress, bad schools, uninterested teachers, trouble-making classmates and degrading media influences are just some of the things that will challenge you in raising your children the way you desire to. These negative things resist you in your attempt to be a "successful" parent.

If YOU are your kids biggest influence, what legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you want your children to remember you? In what ways will you most influence them?

I’m a father of two beautiful girls, Sabrina and Scarlett, and I would do anything to make sure they’re set up for success in their lives.

In order to learn the best tools and strategies as parents, Elena and I took a series of short courses by L. Ron Hubbard that helped give us the vital information we needed to fulfill our roles in raising highly successful children. The results from using this information have been incredible.

The cardone family

Parenting is difficult work and society isn’t making things any easier. Be a 10X parent and learn these vital principles so your kids have the opportunity to have massive success in life in whatever they do and wherever they go!

Each of the courses that Elena and I took are $50, and there’s a specific one I recommend as the first step. To get started just go here:

Be great,

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